I am voting for Jolene Loetscher as our next mayor. Not because she is a woman, but because she is a person of substance who happens to be a woman.

Jolene’s ideas on creating opportunities for all, in housing, transportation, employment, neighborhoods, and families are solid. She talks and walks inclusiveness.

Her positions on streets, city utilities, and public safety are in tune with what well run city governments around the country are doing.

She wants expanded mental health and addiction programs to meet the challenges that are crippling individuals and creating huge strains on families and our community support systems, including law enforcement.

She is intelligent, a good listener, and a great speaker. Her leadership skills are well known to legislators in Pierre. Jolene’s personal story of success after suffering abuse is uplifting. She is not afraid to take on complex and controversial issues.

I want our next mayor to lift us up, provide real opportunities, and to be transparent with our money,

Jolene Loetscher is the right person for the job. She is a person of substance. She is getting my vote.

-Rick Knobe
Mayor of Sioux Falls 1974-84

If you have been following the local political scene involving the City and the Council, you know that much of the angst has been focused on lack of transparency, inclusion, and engagement of our community-wide racial and cultural diversity. Successful and impactful entities usually reflect leadership that is “right leader at the right time”. Sioux Falls is at such a point today and the “right leader at the right time” is Jolene Loetscher.

I have observed her closely for several years at both the micro and macro level. At the micro level, I witnessed her in the Leadership SD program form a team of strangers to address a systemic issue – human trafficking. Her group emerged as the top problem-solving team in a field of 9 teams. At the macro level, she put together an amazing coalition from across the state to advance and pass Jolene’s Law at the state legislature. This legislation led to the formation of the SD Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment. The Center has successfully sponsored trauma-informed training to empower public safety leaders, law enforcement, and communities.

Jolene is the only mayoral candidate who has articulated a holistic and systemic vision for the current and future challenges and opportunities facing Sioux Falls. She recognizes and understands the necessity of getting out of our silos and shaping a collaborative process to address housing, transportation, education, and jobs in a collective and wholistic manner. City government can and should be a key collaborative partner.

The mayoral race has attracted a number of candidates. It is imperative that citizens take advantage of the public forums featuring our candidates leading up to the April election. There are real choices to be made. Loetscher is connecting with and listening to citizens from all levels and sectors of our community. I believe that if you engage with her, you will conclude she is “the right leader for the right time.

-Dr. Jim Beddow
Leadership South Dakota


My name is Ileana Perez and I am here to ask everyone to vote for Jolene for Mayor of Sioux Falls. It’s important to me that we have a mayor that is inclusive of all of the communities in Sioux Falls. Someone who is honest and open and takes into account the realities of our community.

I’ve listened to all of the candidates for mayor speak and her message resonates the most with what is important in my view for the future of Sioux Falls.

I’d like to encourage everyone to do your own research, look at all the candidates, listen to what they’re saying, and then go out and vote on May 1.

I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that Jolene is the best choice for Sioux Falls.

-Ileana Perez

Hi, my name is Erin Bosch. I’m a lifelong resident of Sioux Falls, and a proud mom of two. And I’m going to tell you why I’m voting for Jo. Jo wants what we want as mothers. She’s passionate. She’s empathetic. She’s forward thinking. She wants great opportunities for our kids to thrive in the future. Great schools, great roads, great neighborhoods, all the things that we want as women and families in Sioux Falls. Join us. Vote for Jo!

-Erin Bosch

Hello, my name is Harriet Yocum, and I support Jolene. I believe in Jolene because I think that she is the right person for the job. In order for Sioux Falls to survive and thrive, we do indeed need her leadership. Jolene is not afraid to speak about the uncomfortable initiatives that we need to be made aware of. She is a dynamic person, empowering, and I just love her. And I would love for you to join me in voting for Jolene for Sioux Falls mayor.

-Harriet Yocum

Hi, I’m Jeff Barth, Minnehaha County Commissioner. Working with the city, it’s important we have a partner. And Jolene Loetscher, I believe, is just the woman we need to have as mayor of Sioux Falls. I’m looking forward to a fresh face and a fresh attitude, and open government here in Sioux Falls. And I look forward to voting for her. I’m hoping you’ll join me and vote for her as well.

-Jeff Barth

My name is Vaney Hariri and I’m one of the co-founders of Think 3D. And the reason why I’m supporting Jolene for our next mayor is that right now we’re having a special time in Sioux Falls where a lot of emerging voices are starting to rise up and I think it’s very important that we have a leader that’s willing to get down at the grass roots level and connect with those voices and help to lift them. We’re in a special place where we need to acknowledge all of the things that have happened to get us here and all of the great people and values and the vision that led us to this point. But we also need a new vision, one that includes more people, so that we can go forward and truly live out what Sioux Falls is capable of. So for that reason I’m supporting Jolene and I hope that you’ll do the same.

-Vaney Hariri

Han, anpetu waste’, Melissa Buffalo emaciyapi micinca num yuke. Kangi wakpa oyanke na Meskwaki hematanhan.

Hi, my name is Melissa, I’m a mother of two, I am Meskwaki and Lakota from the Crow Creek and Lower Brule Tribes. And just wanted to share my support for Jolene. Looking at the crime in Sioux Falls, domestic violence, and really wanting to be inclusive of boots on the ground and really just working to better our community and to keep it safe. So please join me in electing Jolene as our next mayor of Sioux Falls.

-Melissa Buffalo

Jolene has the background in business, she has the background with people, and she understands our community.

-City Councilor Pat Starr

She’s trained to come to issues without a bias, to listen to understand the issue, and then put her energy behind it, and lead it.

-Former City Councilor Vernon Brown

Former U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson recognizes our vision for public safety in Sioux Falls. A vision for increased support for our incredible police department, for community policing, for strong prosecution, prevention and rehabilitation. And now, we are honored that he has endorsed our campaign.

Vote for Jolene because she has your best interests at heart, because she’s energetic, because you’ve seen what kind of person she is in this campaign, and you know that that’s what you’re going to get as a mayor for Sioux Falls.

-City Councilor Michelle Erpenbach

Erpenbach has served two terms as a Sioux Falls City Councilor. She began her career in public service with the city of Sioux Falls in 2000 as the coordinator for the community gardens. She served five years as a volunteer member of the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Board, leaving that position following her election in 2010 to the Central District seat on the City Council.

Longtime city councilor Kenny Anderson Jr. announced his endorsement of Jolene Loetscher for Sioux Falls mayor.

He and Loetscher faced each other as part of a six-way race for the mayor’s office until April 10, when voters chose Loetscher as one of the leading vote-getters and forced a runoff election on May 1.

“I am supporting Jolene because she has the experience and energy to lead Sioux Falls into the future with an open ear and heart for all of us.” Anderson said.

In 1988 Anderson watched his father get elected to the Sioux Falls City Commision, the first African-American to do so. Wanting to be a voice for the people, Anderson ran for City Council in 2008, was re-elected in 2012 and served until 2016.

Anderson championed affordable housing in his campaign, an issue he and Loetscher both believe strongly in pursuing. Loetscher said she’s fortunate to have Anderson’s support and looks forward to working alongside him on issues they both prioritize.

“We’re so grateful for the contributions Kenny Anderson Jr. and his family have made to make Sioux Falls stronger,” Loetscher said, “and I’m thankful for his endorsement today. I hope to earn the support of all those who backed Kenny in the April 10 election.”

-Jolene Loetscher