I am voting for Jolene Loetscher as our next mayor. Not because she is a woman, but because she is a person of substance who happens to be a woman.

Jolene’s ideas on creating opportunities for all, in housing, transportation, employment, neighborhoods, and families are solid. She talks and walks inclusiveness.

Her positions on streets, city utilities, and public safety are in tune with what well run city governments around the country are doing.

She wants expanded mental health and addiction programs to meet the challenges that are crippling individuals and creating huge strains on families and our community support systems, including law enforcement.

She is intelligent, a good listener, and a great speaker. Her leadership skills are well known to legislators in Pierre. Jolene’s personal story of success after suffering abuse is uplifting. She is not afraid to take on complex and controversial issues.

I want our next mayor to lift us up, provide real opportunities, and to be transparent with our money,

Jolene Loetscher is the right person for the job. She is a person of substance. She is getting my vote.

-Rick Knobe
Mayor of Sioux Falls 1974-84

If you have been following the local political scene involving the City and the Council, you know that much of the angst has been focused on lack of transparency, inclusion, and engagement of our community-wide racial and cultural diversity. Successful and impactful entities usually reflect leadership that is “right leader at the right time”. Sioux Falls is at such a point today and the “right leader at the right time” is Jolene Loetscher.

I have observed her closely for several years at both the micro and macro level. At the micro level, I witnessed her in the Leadership SD program form a team of strangers to address a systemic issue – human trafficking. Her group emerged as the top problem-solving team in a field of 9 teams. At the macro level, she put together an amazing coalition from across the state to advance and pass Jolene’s Law at the state legislature. This legislation led to the formation of the SD Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment. The Center has successfully sponsored trauma-informed training to empower public safety leaders, law enforcement, and communities.

Jolene is the only mayoral candidate who has articulated a holistic and systemic vision for the current and future challenges and opportunities facing Sioux Falls. She recognizes and understands the necessity of getting out of our silos and shaping a collaborative process to address housing, transportation, education, and jobs in a collective and wholistic manner. City government can and should be a key collaborative partner.

The mayoral race has attracted a number of candidates. It is imperative that citizens take advantage of the public forums featuring our candidates leading up to the April election. There are real choices to be made. Loetscher is connecting with and listening to citizens from all levels and sectors of our community. I believe that if you engage with her, you will conclude she is “the right leader for the right time.

-Dr. Jim Beddow
Leadership South Dakota