City Leaders Endorse Jolene

April 18, 2018

A group of current and former Sioux Falls elected officials came together today to endorse Jolene Loetscher for Sioux Falls Mayor:


  • Rick Knobe, Mayor, 1974-84
  • Kenny Anderson Jr., City Councilor, 2008-16
  • Pat Starr, City Councilor, 2016 to present
  • Casey Murschel, City Councilor, 1995-99
  • Vernon Brown, City Councilor, 2004-12
  • Andy Howes, City Councilor, 2002-06
  • Kevin Kavanaugh, City Councilor, 2000-08
  • Michelle Erpenbach, City Councilor, 2010-18


“Long before we launched this campaign, we knew that I would be an underdog,” Loetscher said. “We knew that my campaign wouldn’t have the biggest bank account, the largest ad buys, or the wealthiest donors.

“And that’s fine with us, because—while a lot of money makes running a campaign a lot easier—money doesn’t make a great leader.

“That’s why, from day one, we’ve built this campaign from the grassroots up. On big ideas, open communication, and—most importantly—genuine, honest relationships: All of the things power successful communities.

“As citizens, we are facing some of the biggest challenges and the biggest opportunities Sioux Falls has ever seen.

“In order to tackle these challenges, and take advantage of these opportunities, Sioux Falls needs a mayor who knows how to bring people together. Who knows how to build real consensus. Who inspires trust in her colleagues on the City Council and among her constituents.

“Throughout my career as an owner of two successful businesses, I’ve found over and over that the real value of any endeavor isn’t measured by your bottom line. It’s measured by the strength of your word. Treat people fairly, be honest about who you are, and success will follow.

“While working as a citizen advocate to create Jolene’s Law, I learned very quickly that real change doesn’t happen without mutual respect and a willingness to find common ground, even with those with whom you don’t always agree.

“I learned that real change—and effective leadership—never begins with the word ‘I.’ It begins with ‘we.’ It’s not always easy, but it is always, absolutely essential.

“Nobody knows all of this better than the people standing with me here today.

“I’ve always believed that one of the best ways to take stock of a person is to look at the company they keep. So I can’t tell you how proud it makes me to be standing here with these men and women today.

“City councilors, mayors, lawmakers, and community leaders. Their service is a testament to the greatness and the potential of our city.

“Each and every one of them understands that in order for our city to prosper, we must work together.

“Each and every one of them understands the importance of having an open, honest, and productive relationship between the City Council, the mayor, and the public.

“And each and every of them understands that we can struggle as individuals… or we can thrive—and celebrate—as a community.

“As we enter the final days of this incredibly important mayoral race, I am overjoyed and humbled to have their support.